Brownside is a Chicano hip-hop group founded in 1993 by the late Eazy-E. The group originally consisted of rappers Toker (Gilbert Izquierdo), Wicked (Pierre Lamas), and Danger (Carlos Martinez), who was shot dead in 1996 from a drive-by. Originally, Eazy-E's intentions on signing Brownside to Ruthless Records was to create a Chicano version of the critically acclaimed rap group N.W.A. Toker had attended high school in Compton, California where he later met Eazy-E, and the two developed a great friendship until Eazy-E's death in 1995. It is said that towards the end of Eazy's life he was attracted to Chicano rap in California and saw this as a new market to break into. Brownside has been known to use Sureño slang in their lyrics, as well as album covers.


Brownside - Eastside Drama

East Town Records, Triple X Records1997

Brownside - Payback

PR Entertainment2002

Brownside - The Take Over

PR Records2006

Brownside - Trece Razones (13 Reasons)

PR Records2008

Brownside - Bangin' Story'z

East Town Records2017


  • Suenos Y Ilusiones

Various - Aztec Prophecy

Beyond Entertainment1999
  • Do Or Die

Various - Still Ballin'

PR Records2002
  • Do Or Die

Various - Gangsta Chronicles

PR Records2003
Various - Chicano Ballers- The Best Of Chicano Rap
  • Vatos In The Barrio

Various - Chicano Ballers- The Best Of Chicano Rap

PR Records2003
Various - Mr. Shadow Presents Dirty Money
  • Snippets- From "The Takeover"

Various - Mr. Shadow Presents Dirty Money

PR Records2006
  • Creepin'

Various - Chicano Players

PR Records2006
  • Sureno Vida Brownside

Various - Southside Ridaz

PR Records2006
Mr. Shadow - Respect
  • Trese Rasones

Mr. Shadow - Respect

PR Records2007
  • Payback

Various - West Coast Rap

PR Records2009
  • Last Day

Various - Chicano Thugz

PR Records2009
  • Hittin' Switches

Various - The Original Chicano Players

PR Records2011
  • Mega Mix From The Album "13 Reasons"

Southside Soldiers - Street Kings

PR Records2012