Ice-T ~ VI: Return Of The Real

Ice-T - VI: Return Of The Real

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Album Title: VI: Return Of The Real

Artist / Group: Ice-T

Audio Format: MP3

Bitrate: Variable

Category: CD, Album

Produced By: Aquel, Big Rich, DJ Ace, DRE Mc, E-A-Ski, Hen-Gee, Ice-T, Mad Rome, San Man, SLJ, Trails Of Flowalistics

Record Label: Priority Records

Released: 1996

Representin': Los Angeles


1Pimp Anthem04:36
Featuring - San Man
2Where The Shit Goes Down05:19
Featuring - E-A-Ski
3Bouncin' Down The Strezeet03:51
Featuring - DJ Ace, Hot Dolla, M. Wesside, Powerlord Jell
4Return Of The Real04:59
Featuring - DJ Ace
5I Must Stand04:00
Featuring - San Man
6Alotta Niggas00:58
Featuring - Sean E. Sean
7Rap Games Hijacked05:32
Featuring - SLJ
8How Does It Feel04:30
Featuring - Big Rich, Mad Rome
9The Lane03:46
Featuring - DJ Ace, Slej
10Rap Is Fake00:45
Featuring - Dee
11Make The Loot Loop03:40
Featuring - DJ Ace
12Syndicate 4 Ever04:06
Featuring - DJ Ace, Hot Dolla, L.P., Powerlord Jell
13The 5th04:26
Featuring - DJ Ace
14It's Going Down00:34
15They Want Me Back In03:10
Featuring - DJ Ace
16Inside Of A Gangsta04:03
Featuring - Big Rich, Mad Rome
17Forced To Do Dirt04:56
Featuring - Aquel
19Cramp Your Style03:53
Featuring - Deft Saplin, K-Wiz Spurt, Trails Of Flowalistics
21Dear Homie03:56
Featuring - DRE Mc, Godfather, Hen-Gee
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